Art according to Riccardo Basaglia

Where Japanese art and cyberpunk merge

His works are veritable composite stories that include messages, quotes and reflections on his vision of life and art: this is how Riccardo Basaglia, the 25-year-old Bolognese artist, chooses to express himself. Riccardo lives and studies environmental engineering in the Emilian city, but his great passion since childhood has been drawing, which allows him to express his creativity and flair while taking inspiration particularly from Japanese art, imaginary worlds and cyberpunk, i.e. everything relating to futuristic cities with a dystopian setting.

Colour plays a key role in his work: orange, blue, black, purple and green are carefully mixed to disorientate the viewer, who cannot tell whether the ‘story being told’ takes place during the day or at night. The artist uses details to try to convey the ‘metamorphosis of the imagination’, i.e. the idea that the viewer can build up ‘his or her’ story from a single detail. His main technique is watercolour, but he also uses acrylics and completes fine detailing with an ink pen.

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