Camilla Glorioso

In praise of the beauty of little things

Ever since Camilla Glorioso was a young girl, photography has been an essential part of her growth, eventually becoming a real method of communication. She graduated in Visual Arts and Theatre from IUAV University, Venice, where she developed an interest in the performative aspects and visual study of the female body. This led her to complete a master’s degree in Fashion Photography at the London College of Fashion.

The same year, she was chosen to represent IUAV at a masterclass with artist Mustafa Sabbagh at MAXXI in Rome.

In Padua she exhibited La Mal Celebrata Meraviglia delle Piccole Cose, a visual diary focusing on the almost obsessive attention given to everyday objects and gestures, with a desire to tell the often-ignored stories within them. At the end of her studies, she produced and curated Raw to the Surface in London, symbolically marking the end of her master’s research around possible new uses for visual fashion material, and adding tactile and interactive elements to the exhibition.

Having turned freelance, she continued to work in the fashion sector as a creative producer, whilst developing a series of documentary projects on what she calls “emotional archaeology”, using photography as a tool for reconnecting with cherished places and people. In My Closest Friend, Scenario e Familiar: Archivio Affettivo Siciliano, visual research turns almost into an archaeological dig, using reportage shots and archive images as tools for looking forward and back at the same time.

Camilla Glorioso’s work is broad and has many stories to tell – all different and all linked by a single thread.

The focus on the little things, on everyday life, in research aimed at rediscovering emotional signals, notes that tell people’s stories through the objects associated with them and with which she herself is associated.

Through her photographic stories, we go on a journey of discovery into timeless stories, translated by a simple, clear-sighted vision and aimed at those who know how to observe and listen. Today she continues to develop personal and commissioned photographic stories in Italy and the United Kingdom, with a special preference for the world of art, craftsmanship and fashion.

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