On the margins

Readings of nature as a radical gesture

A cultural project entitled Ai margini. Letture della natura come gesto radicale (On the margins. Readings of nature as a radical gesture) curated by Maria Francesca Pepi has been launched by the Fornace Pasquinucci group with the support of the Municipality of Capraia e Limite. Focusing on the poetics of vision in a bid to give nature back its objectivity, the project unearths what manufacturing and consumption often fail to see, revealing fascinating stories.

The event, held at Fornace Pasquinucci in Capraia Fiorentina from 16 to 30 October, plays host to an array of disciplines, from photography to painting, ceramics to video, installation to music, with the participation of visual artists Dania Gennai, Federica Gonnelli, Caterina Sbrana and Elisabetta Scarpini and music performances from Paolo Scali and the Lights group made up of Dario Baldini, Luca Chichi and Gianni Paci.

The welcoming space at Fornace Pasquinucci has been stripped back to a minimalist style, bringing visitors even closer to the works and to the mystery of otherness that they create. 

Photographs accompanied by poetry readings capture ‘what we leave behind’, interacting with the layering of our memory of places; this is one of the two planes on which artist Elisabetta Scarpini works – between the conscious and the unconscious. In another installation, soft embroidered entities seem to emerge like mushrooms, mould or lichen into our living space, rather like projections of our unconscious. 

The event will be drawn to a close by the British-Italian cellist Georgia Morse, who will perform on the final day accompanied by a video-documentation that captures the breath of the woods.

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