The Geography of Transformation

Fashion, Art and Sustainability

When building an ideal reality, fashion and art are intertwined with the paradigm of sustainability. This is the central concept of the project entitled ‘La Geografia della Trasformazione’ (The Geography of Transformation), a symbiosis of fashion, art and environmental awareness, which has already run at Prato Centro Pecci and Sustainability Week by Confindustria Veneto, and is now being presented at Galleria Cavour 1959 in Bologna as part of the ‘Galleria Cavour per Bologna’ programme.

Conceived by fashion designer Cristina Battistella, the project was created as the final part of the Master’s in Sustainable fashion supply chain management, led by Silvia Gambi at the Prato University Hub with the involvement of artists from Fondazione The Bank – the contemporary painting institute in Bassano del Grappa. Marco Fantini, Ester Grossi, Claudia Matta, Silvia Mei, Elena Monzo, Elisa Rossi, Marta Sesana, Chiara Sorgato and Cristiano Tassinari have enriched garments by turning them into sustainability manifestos, expressing their personal views on durability and responsible consumption. The contribution of these artists to the exhibition is not just an example of creativity but also a powerful statement on the role that art and fashion can play in raising awareness about more mindful and environmentally friendly consumption. The project aims to be a benchmark in sustainable fashion, demonstrating how durability can be triggered not only by technology and science but also by human creativity and artistic expression.

The work done on each garment thus transcended mere aesthetics, incorporating a dimension of deep reflection on consumer practices and the need for a more sustainable approach in the fashion industry. In this context, art acts as a catalyst that promotes reflection on intangibility and the more artistic and speculative dimension of everyday life. It raises questions about what is ephemeral and what can last longer than the conventional lifespan. At the same time, the link between fashion and design effectively shows how these intangible concepts can be transformed into something genuinely productive. Through its intrinsic relationship with design, fashion allows us to organise and shape a new dimension of the project, making the imperceptible practical and visible. This process not only enriches the garment with an aesthetic dimension but also gives added value that lasts over time, promoting a more conscious model of consumption. The project was set up entirely by a local Italian supply chain using recycled or natural fabrics, some of which were not dyed or treated, or from leftover production, in compliance with sustainable standards.

The project will conclude with an auction, the proceeds of which will go to charity, thus promoting a virtuous cycle of generosity and sustainability. 

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