Circle-Art: New line of sustainable fabrics from Brugnoli

Recycled post-consumer fabrics tap into circular economy.

Superzoom welcomes Circle-Art, the line of Brugnoli fabrics made from recycled post-consumer polyamide as part of the circular economy. The new family of fabrics includes 7 new structures made with the innovative Q-Cycle® yarn, derived from recycled post-consumer waste plastics, such as tyres, which are used as the raw material to create a new polyamide.

Q-Cycle® yarn is produced by Fulgar studio, a leading manufacturer of sportswear fabrics, using a pyrolysis process that converts waste plastic into oil. The end result is a polyamide yarn made from 100% recycled materials that, in addition to being sustainable, also helps the environment by avoiding the rise in CO2 that the waste would ordinarily generate.

The new Brugnoli items are designed to meet the requirements of a complete wardrobe: lighter fabrics for underwear, fabrics for athleisure pieces such as polo shirts, T-shirts and sweatshirts, and fabrics with extreme performance in mind, such as 3-layer fabrics with a waterproof membrane and Explosive technology for high-compression, maximum comfort leggings.

The new, circular economy product line is designed to embrace a vast market, including swimwear, lingerie, technical sportswear and textiles, and adds to the already broad range of green proposals from Brugnoli, which has long advocated sustainable manufacturing and certified processes. Brugnoli’s collection now includes various recycled polyamides: post-consumer from the circular economy, pre-consumer, bio-based, with accelerated biodegradability, meaning they break down rapidly in the marine environment to help reduce microplastics. The company also offers cotton covered by the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI Cotton), Tencel and viscose made from recycled cotton cultivation waste.

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