Innovative fibres and plant-based
dyes for Lanificio Bottoli

S/S 2025 invests in the theme of Sustainability

Eco-textile pioneer Lanificio Bottoli is investing further in sustainability for S/S 2025 by broadening its eco-friendly offering with natural fabrics with innovative plant-based dyes. In addition to indigo, the Vittorio Veneto-based mill proposes natural dyes made from rose madder root, which provide a charming range of pink shades; all new tints from yellow to sage green come from the ancient dyer’s weed plant. Ever since its foundation, Lanificio Bottoli has preferred to use natural fibres such as wool, silk, linen, hemp and cotton.

In recent years, it has also begun exploring innovative natural fibres and plant-based dyes. The mill has thus begun introducing textiles made from milk casein, seaweed, mulberry-tree wood viscose, and even abaca (known as Manila Hemp) into its collections. A pioneer in the use of Italian woollens in only natural fleece colours (ecological fabrics made from fleece with no colour, no dyeing, thus saving on energy and water), the brand’s latest collections feature an innovative dyeing process that reuses coffee grounds to dye its prestigious summer and winter fabrics.

What sets Lanificio Bottoli apart is its ability to handle the entire production cycle, ensuring greater control, more speed, and less environmental impact. From selecting raw materials to dyeing, spinning, warping and weaving, all the way up to finishing and quality control. The resulting premium eco-fabrics are exported to 21 countries and chosen by the most prestigious national and international designers and garment-makers.

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