Lanificio Bottoli presents
new blankets collection

14th-century mill chosen for launch

A 14th-century fulling mill that served a community of nuns has been chosen as the setting for the launch of the new collection of plaids and blankets by Lanificio. The building, which dates back to 1311, was originally part of a convent and used for fulling, or cleaning, cloth.

Restored in the 2000s, it has the only active water wheel on the Meschio river (which flows through Vittorio Veneto and passes Lanificio). The choice pays homage to an item that goes all the way back to the beginning of weaving and the treatment of wool. From 1800 onwards, the fulling mill was repurposed from cleaning cloth to grinding grain. The building is now a wool mill.

It bears witness to a past that lives on in the collections made by skilled wool workers since 1861.

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