Manifattura Pezzetti: quality, sustainable, premium linings

A textile vocation passed down through the generations

Few business success stories can stand up to that of Manifattura Pezzetti, the world leader in tailoring linings with one hundred years of heritage behind it. It was back in 1913 that Francesca laid the foundations for the family business, opening her textile shop in the village of Châtillon in Valle d’Aosta. In the 1930s her son Piero expanded the enterprise, moving to Turin and opening a business specialising in linings, cottons and interior fabrics for tailoring. Since then, the business has passed down the generations and gone from strength to strength, gaining more technological and commercial expertise whilst retaining the original aim of its high quality and craftsmanship: to elevate linings.

Now a well-structured group based in Castellamonte in Turin, Manifattura Pezzetti has incorporated a number of other companies along the way, including Tessitura Serica Piemontese, Filtex di Novara, Tessalpi di Lurate Caccivio, the French company Soieries Vincent and, lastly, Tesso Fabrics di Tavernerio, for the production of yarn-dyed linings in Cupro, silk and cotton. One of the diamonds in Pezzetti’s crown are its fabrics in RCS certified Cupro Bemberg™ by Asahi Kasei, alongside GRS recycled polyester, FSC certified acetate and viscose, and GOTS certified silk and cotton.

But the company’s commitment to green policies is not limited just to using ecological fibres. It also applies eco-compatible production processes by cutting energy consumption, using raw materials from renewable sources, optimising the production chain and implementing biotechnologies.

Sustainability is a non-negotiable commitment for Manifattura Pezzetti, which invests constantly on this front. To the point that the Castellamonte company also takes steps to encourage its customers to be more eco-friendly in those markets where attitudes are not shared with the same intensity (for example in the USA, where environmental protection is not as widely accepted in society as it is in Europe). In any case, reaching the objective of full textile sustainability is an unstoppable process and Manifattura Pezzetti is ready for it.

The renowned ability to produce unique digitally printed quality linings is in effect another commitment to sustainability, since this procedure produces solely the quantity that is actually needed, without any waste or remnants left over to be dealt with at a later stage.

The company is also focusing heavily on method innovation, and was the first in Italy to open a virtual showroom that allows visitors to explore the linings in detail, access in-depth content and even customise the product.

Manifattura Pezzetti also approaches the market in an innovative way. It prefers to forge direct relations with its customers and its sales network is almost entirely based at its headquarters, while it also attends trade shows and visits customers on a regular basis. This strategy allows it to stay completely in step with the changing needs of customers and also to keep abreast of the generational change involving buyers, who are gradually changing their profession and vocabulary, increasingly influenced as they are by rapidly changing technology and marketing dynamics.

The company also goes against the tide when it comes to trade shows. At a time when several events are marking time due to the mistrust of many of their long-standing exhibitors, Pezzetti uses them as a growth driver, investing in events in areas considered until recently as marginal but now on the rise (East Europe and the Baltic regions, for example). This allows the company to meet new customers aspiring to use high-end Italian product in their designs.

This proactive vision, shared by both its employees and its customers, has allowed Manifattura Pezzetti to grow significantly over time, enabling it to now look to the near future with great confidence despite the complex geopolitical scenario, in which its leadership emerges undisputed among its competitors.

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