Pontex invests in digital

A/W 2022.23 collection presented

Pontex develops clothing fabrics, supplying a wide range of yarns transformed and customised in every aspect. Founded in 1972 and led by Letizia Ferretti, the company has decided to invest its energy and resources in a new digital presence by totally restyling its website (www.pontexspa.it). New graphics and content, as well as a beautifully produced, high quality video, are brought together to showcase the best of the company. The images include a presentation of the new Autumn/Winter 2022.23 collection, which can also be seen on the company’s official channel at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qAjhdgmwY4&t=13s.

Pontex is focusing on two key aspects: authentic fabrics that are much more than just simple to wear and a balance between comfort and fashion. The style is sporty with a nod to functionality and simplicity without detracting from the aesthetic value,” explains CEO Ferretti. Velvet, moleskin, cotton and wool for warmer fabrics, but also viscose and silk, light gabardine and gauze, poplin, stretch cotton, Tencel and Modal for garments that are both light and elegant and durable over time. All proposals are rooted in the Pontex tradition, which guarantees infinite applications and customisations: jackets, trousers, shirts, dresses and skirts.

“We offer a wide variety of fabrications, painstaking attention to detail and above all constant customer focus: this enables us to manage a broad range of  customised proposals, WR finishes, digital and traditional prints on request, and fine stitch formats for total looks.”

The collection includes four colour palettes: military green for men’s velvet and cotton; grey for women’s velvet and cotton; bright purple for lighter womenswear in silk, viscose, stretch cotton, Tencel and Modal; bright orange for garments in poplin, gabardine, gauze, cotton and stretch cotton. The strengths of the A/W 2022.23 collection are, as ever for Pontex, a wide selection of top quality fabrics teamed with competitive prices.

At a time when making buying forecasts is so complex, the Modena-based company provides an all-round service to its clients, supplying raw materials, including sustainable ones, and fabrications guaranteed by the best and most trusted Italian subcontractors.

Last but not least, the company’s focus on sustainability can be seen throughout the fabric production process: from the raw material, which must be eco-sustainable, through every subsequent processing phase.

Natural dyes and organic resins culminate in an eco-sustainable product from start to finish. “Pontex‘s reliability is seen at every stage, resulting in a customised, all-round service,” concludes Letizia Ferretti.

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