Sculpture by the Sea

Seabilia made from Sitip fabric among exhibited artworks

Featured at ‘Sculpture by the Sea’, the land art event held every year on the Sydney coast, ‘Seabilia’, the latest artwork by Elena Redaelli has been made from waste Sitip fabric. Created to draw attention to the environment and its fragility in the face of human action, ‘Seabilia’ aims to remind us how precious yet delicate this balance is and how more conscious of our actions we must be before the effects become irreversible.

According to the artist, the idea for ‘Seabilia’ originated in the depths of the ocean where tiny creatures inhabit the darkest and least explored areas of the planet: a place where the inhabitants live out their lives in silence and darkness, far below the waves and tides above. As vast and impressive as the ocean is, it is profoundly affected every day by the actions that human beings take and its delicate balance is gradually being upset. Sitip Group‘s focus on sustainability, spanning the economic, social and environmental fields, is the driving force behind the strategic choices made by the company and its subsidiaries. The decisions they have made over the years have led to a number of achievements, bearing witness to a constant commitment to the growth of the group and to the prosperity of the surrounding area and communities. The results of this work can be seen at various levels in the company, which are all outlined in its Sustainability Report published in 2023 (relating to 2022), in which the Group sets out its path towards much broader sustainability.

The 2022 report highlights that Sitip Group was able to reduce its environmental impact by cutting its CO2 emissions by 22% compared to 2021, acquiring 30% more recycled raw material than the previous year and investing in the empowerment of its employees through a total of 6,072 hours of training. The Group also obtained ISO 50001 certification and signed up to the UN Global Compact. For 2023 the Group is aiming to obtain other certifications, such as SA 8000 (Social Accountability) and ISO 14064 (Carbon Footprint), as a sign of its inexhaustible commitment to increasingly sustainable production.

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