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Face to face with Roberto Bottoli

What are the main steps you have taken towards sustainability?

We have a long-standing commitment to ecological issues. Since 2000 we have selected the best Sopravvissana and Gentile di Puglia breeds of Italian merino sheep in Abruzzo, Molise, Marche and Puglia. With the support of farmers, we have succeeded in replicating the colours of the fleeces and creating fabrics without resorting to chemical dyes or treatments. Our natural dyes are tested to pass the strictest tests for export around the world. One innovation in recent seasons is a fabric treated with coffee grounds. This chemical-free dye gives natural fibres beautiful vintage hues and makes use of a by-product that bars and restaurants would otherwise throw away. In addition to sustainable policies, the vertical production line we have adopted (the only one of its kind in the Lombardy and Veneto regions) helps cut the harmful effects of global pollution.

What is your approach towards eco certifications?

In our view, the vast array of certifications causes confusion and creates extra paperwork and red tape in a sector, like fashion, that needs to be dynamic. Supply chain control and full traceability are important and I have been doing them for years, first as Chairman of Sistema Moda Veneto and now as Coordinator of Tavolo Veneto della Moda, because they reward virtuous companies that make sustainability and circularity real values and not just slogans. The creation of new certifications every year only increases the time and money spent by businesses.

How do you communicate your ‘green’ policies?

Our fabrics speak for themselves. The press frequently publishes news on our green policies. Our coffee grounds dye, for example, was featured in dozens of national and international publications. We believe that everything starts with the product, so we prefer to invest in research, which is a guarantee of concreteness and reliability. 

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