Organic farming

Presented by Lanificio Bottoli

Fields of wheat and corn border on the aerial visions of this story dedicated to Lanificio Bottoli. They are grown without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, they are the result of human labor and the slow time of nature. Exactly like the ecological fabrics that accompany them: undyed Italian wool, or vegetable dyes, with a soft texture and velvety hand. Check, herringbone, Prince of Wales and pied-de-poule, also in the stretch version, enhance the characteristics of the natural raw material, recalling the geometries of organic crops. The vegetable dyes chosen for the elegant textures embrace all shades of noisette, using catechu and fascinating indigo. Finally, the use of coffee grounds is brilliant to create an exclusive dye that gives the fibers an intense color that is so reminiscent of that of bare earth. (Exclusive content for Superzoom)

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