Talking about sustainability
with Lanificio Bottoli

The green work in progress

Lanificio Bottoli‘s sustainability drive is bringing excellent results. In addition to its already established vertical production, with 5,000 m2 premises immersed in the countryside shortening its supply chain and thereby cutting transport and logistics costs, the mill’s circular policies have further boosted its sustainability in recent years, making the company a landmark in Italy and across the world. Ever since its foundation, back in 1861, Lanificio Bottoli has preferred to use natural fibres such as wool, silk, linen, hemp and cotton.

For years it has been committed to the search for natural and innovative fibres, specialising in natural dyes and even using some fibres dye-free. Its collaboration with renowned coffee roaster Dersut means over 200 kg of coffee grounds have already been used to dye premium fabrics and blankets in wool, silk and cashmere. What would otherwise have gone to waste has been turned into a natural colour that reduces the company’s dye consumption, thus benefiting the environment.

. But that is not all! The wool mill is at an advanced stage in experimenting with the use of grounds to fertilise and firm up soil in viticulture, on vines free from pesticide treatments. Using a comparative method, the objective value of enriching the soil with coffee grounds can be assessed. All the signs are good.

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