The sustainable fashion revolution

Barbara Chiodi, a journalist closely involved with the social, ethical and environmental issues in the fashion industry, is the main producer of eco-à-porter. In recent years the blog has attracted increasing attention and seen a rapid expansion in the close network of contacts woven by the creator: from her collaboration with Tiziano Guardini, one of the first independent eco-designers on the national scene, through her work with Fashion Revolution, the noted movement that investigates transparency and accountability in the supply chain (the group behind the hashtag #WhoMadeMyClothes), to supporting and sponsoring the ethical values that drove her to set up and continue the project.

While sustainability is the driving force, interest and subversion are the motives guiding the author’s pen (or keyboard) on her shrewd, sensitive journey into the ever-changing fashion system.

The hope is that, though effective omnichannel communication across her blog and social media (her IG profile is @eco_a_porter), the Italian and international scene can be led to broaden its horizons, investing in fair-trade markets and sustainable materials and promoting ethical and alternative clothing and accessories.

Eco-à-porter explores environmental research down to the smallest detail, promoting a raft of trade shows, events and designers through regular features that analyse the impact of brands, the evolution of the sector and new proposals, with exclusive interviews with those engaged in what is being called the “silent revolution”.

Ethical and sustainable fashion no longer conjures images of drab, colourless clothes: it is a wealth of brands, people and ideas driven by the search for value and a precise, and constantly expanding, space that traditional fashion now wants to move into with forward-thinking approaches and developments.

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