Bemberg turns 90

New brand concept unveiled

Since 1931 BembergTM has demonstrated it is a key contributor to the circular economy led by innovation, responsibility and design. The new claim, ‘Crafted Elegance’, perfectly embodies the values of preciousness, uniqueness, quality and refined aesthetics of BembergTM, the unique material that offers design, beauty and responsibility all at the same time.

Its heritage lies in high quality linings for formal and sportswear, while contemporary and global styles and designer collaborations focus more on fashion, outerwear, and innerwear for consumers. BembergTM by Asahi Kasei is the trademark of the regenerated cellulose fibre made from the smart-tech transformation of the short fibre cotton linters surrounding cotton seeds.

These pre-consumer materials resulting from the cotton oil production process are converted through a traceable and transparent closed-loop process that takes place solely in Nobeoka, in Japan, the only plant in the world to produce BembergTM. “We are pleased to celebrate BembergTM‘s 90th anniversary and we want to thank all of our partners and friends around the world for their support over the years. But we are already looking ahead to our centenary. At BembergTM, innovation is a process of continual improvement that we want to share with our community and with the market. This is the only way to meet a new contemporary consumer looking for new generation values,” says Eisaku Maeda, Senior General Manager at BembergTM.

Another significant moment for the company came with the appointment of Koji Hamada as the new CEO of Asahi Kasei Fibers Italia. Hamada has strong links with the Italian market, having already spent over 5 years at the Gallarate site working in close contact with all partners in the territory. Hamada’s first official outing came at the customary Bemberg Friends meeting (the club that brings together top figures from operations areas at some of Italy’s top brands). Held on 2 December in Bologna at the Grand Hotel Majestic, formerly the Baglioni, the Japanese manufacturer outlined its new brand concept and its strategies for the future.

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