Feel the yarn #11


There are times in our lives when the grimness and drudgery of our days deceive us, the day-to-day routine crushes us between tough circumstances and seemingly unattainable prospects. We feel a heaviness that Italo Calvino tried to escape not in dreams but in the tangible world, changing our way of interacting with the collective world, finding new points of view and approaches.

The latest edition of Feel the Yarn shows us a rosy alternative to the heavy destiny awaiting the human race. Elisabetta Scarpini draws on the author’s thinking to shout a bold ‘no’ to this grim fate, breaking the negative cycle generating the belief in a bleak future through playful acts and new optics with which to look at the world. A journey in reverse, starting from the hypothesis of an unhappy future and arriving at a day-to-day life in which extravagance and normality go hand in hand, crossing fluid and imaginative universes under the banner of contagious and liberating lightness. The discovery begins with the milky reflections of ‘traces from future’, which convey the harmonious coexistence between technology and poetry in a range of intimate, neutral tones. The journey continues into the shifting imaginary space of ‘visionary landscapes’, where the perception of reality is sublimated, urban and natural colours blend and the city becomes changeable.

The sense of play and irreverence in ‘far from bore’ teaches us to take ourselves less seriously and have fun with our personality; mandarin and cobalt add a carefree joy to balanced neutrals. The result of this multi-coloured and fluid exploration is an everyday life filled with quiet character. The vibrant tones, energising colours and other reassuring hues of ‘back to present’ demonstrate the uniqueness and freedom of simply being.

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