Recovo: reuse,
recycling and upcycling

A positive impact on the planet

Recovo is a startup founded in Barcelona in 2021 that has launched its own trading platform (, where brands and fashion supply chain businesses can purchase fabrics and sell unused ones. It all began with a desire to build circularity into the fashion system, transforming textile waste into resources with as little impact as possible.

Brands such as Pronovias, Angel Schlesser, Hemper, Pyratex, Intexteis, La Bandera and Atelier Manola have already joined the online platform, which boasts a wide range of fabrics as well as technologies for making the buying experience easier for its users. Brands can source natural, recycled or synthetic fibres in various compositions, weights, prints and colours on the website. Recovo also collaborates with Dcycle, a portal teaching users about the traceability of materials and their environmental impact.

The goal of founders Monica Rodriguez, Marta Iglesias and Gonzalo Sáenz is to make Recovo a leader in circular fashion. And it has made an excellent start, helping to save 16 million litres in its first year of trading.

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