Sustainable Brand Platform: the innovative startup for the Fashion industry

A data intelligence platform dedicated to sustainability

Sustainable Brand Platform is a young, proactive, Made in Italy company founded in January 2022. In August it launched its sustainability data intelligence platform to enable businesses up and downstream in the fashion supply chain to measure and quantify their sustainability performance, thus accelerating their effectiveness to decarbonize their value chains.

SBP gives the entire fashion supply chain the chance to quantify its sustainability performance by digitalising operational data and converting them to sustainability KPI. This dynamic data interaction enables businesses to identify hotspots, which are key for companies needing to integrate sustainable processes into their supply chain and business strategy. A focal point of the platform is the simplified data collection from ERP and PLM: operational data are collected, reorganised by the platform and converted to sustainability KPI, in intuitive display panels using graphics and insights, following international protocols and frameworks like GHG, OEF and the LCA method.

It is a data intelligence platform that stands out from its competitors, not only for its focus on Fashion but also thanks to the accuracy of its calculations.

By gathering data directly from the supply chain, SBP enables its clients to increase the accuracy of their sustainability output and make them available in real time. Data are acquired on an ongoing basis by involving suppliers and their subcontractors within the platform. It is an innovative solution conceived by Alex Albini, Enzo Maria Savelli and Gianpaolo Volpe Pasini and designed from the outset to make it easier for the fashion supply chain to acquire data and quantify the sustainability performance of businesses, thus making sustainability an integral part of business strategy.

The platform follows a holistic approach to data collection and management, through 3 functional areas: business, product and supply chain.

In the first area, SBP’s digital solutions enable fashion businesses to calculate their Carbon Footprint using GHG and OEF protocols, and provides a useful qualitative/quantitative scoring tool for ESG and sustainability reporting.

In the product area, businesses can calculate their LCA (Lifecycle Assessment), which is the scientific tool for analysing the environmental impact of a garment or accessory from the purchase of raw materials to production and distribution, and ending with use and disposal or recycling at the end of its life. By scanning the information on the BOM (Bill of Material), the platform calculates impact metrics such as CO2 emissions, water consumption, land use and much more.

Finally, the supply chain area enables businesses to run digital audits and collect data on production processes and consumption directly from suppliers, giving them a detailed breakdown of supply chain performance and allowing them to build effective social and environmental sustainability strategies.

The platform already looks set to be a success, having started collaborating with well-known international fashion brands and Made in Italy suppliers, who are benefiting from a growing number of new features.

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