The Style Lift

A premium textile archive

The Style Lift is the legacy of Felice Pioni, who was passionate about the textile sector and worked with some of the biggest designers from the 1970s to the 2000s, and the attentiveness, creativity and energy of Marco Poli for his creature, with family roots and international ambitions.
A prestigious textile archive representing the history of Costume.
Samples of almost unobtainable, unique and refined fabrics, which can amplify the inspiration of style and creative departments at fashion, textile and design brands. Through The Style Lift, these departments can quickly access moods for exploration, development or emulation, view the archive in person or hire out samples so they can be studied, touched and included in future work
In addition to its core business of offering archive access to style and creative departments, from the beginning of this year The Style Lift has strengthened its consultancy activities and services for research and colour forecasting professionals, as a result of the absence of textile and fashion trade shows.
The archive is focusing particularly on sustainability, forging effective links in a bid to help companies navigate this fertile yet bureaucratically complex and disjointed area.

To that end, from March 2021, a collaboration has been launched with C.L.A.S.S., the global platform with a mission to make the fashion and textile business more accessible and up-to-date. The Style Lift, with its periodic newsletter TSL Gazette, encourages communication between semi-finished products and clothing/fashion. In addition, at the latest Milan Fashion Week, The Style Lift assisted by White Show launched the digital initiative Fabrics & Yarns S/S 22 Beyond the “White”: the ideal women’s and men’s wardrobe, with highlights and trends for next Spring/Summer.

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