Zoom on Fashion Trends #69

Spring/Summer 2023, the revolutionary force of feelings

“And when you find yourself holding those flowers withered by the sun of a distant April, you’ll regret them.”1. This is how a charming poet describes overwhelming and tyrannical love. That “love that makes you want to tear your hair out”, he sang, that cruel, passionate love that ruins your plans, crushes your thoughts and rationality and, sometimes, even your dignity. The kind of love we often run from, preferring to hide it behind stereotypes and conformism rather than revealing it and showing its true face.

This is what Sentimental, the first story of Zoom on Fashion Trends about Spring/Summer 2023, is all about. It tells of daring men, stripped of any rough machismo, of women boldly revealing the revolutionary force of their feelings. It shows a softer side, the languid gaze of those unafraid of poetry, passion and roses, at least until they wither and die.

Lace Lab takes us on a journey back in time, but the mode of transport is from the future. A kind of dream in which we explore the repeated gestures and painstaking manual skills of old lacemakers. This ancient art leads us straight to the contemporary world of cutting-edge software and sophisticated technologies. The tools of new digital craftsmanship may be different, but the complexity and accuracy of the designs are the same and the end result is just as amazing.

Finally, Reluctance describes the way we feel when we prefer to procrastinate actions rather than take on responsibility for them. When we push the snooze button, we linger a little longer in the limbo of sluggishness, hidden from the bustle around us, protected by a voluntary privacy, buried under our own mess and the stray threads of our intricate lives that, despite everything, we still do not want to unravel.

The Colours Preview for Autumn/Winter 2023.24 features, instead, strong contrasts in the sculptures of ancient dynasties, fills sheer flowers with watercolour tones, and teams warm and cool tints in sharp installations made up of coloured pencils.

Materials Preview for the same season explores the broken down folds of structured origami, the crisp, mirror effects of radiant glaciers, the irregular forms of sudden protuberances and protrusions.

The species, nature and functions of plants are the source of inspiration for the Eco Wave, which takes its customary look at the virtuous textile manufacturers increasingly using eco-sustainable fabrics, accessories and leathers to safeguard the planet and the future of its inhabitants.

1 ‘La canzone dell’amore perduto’, Fabrizio De André.

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