Futurmoda celebrates
its 50th edition

Big success for the international event in Elche

Futurmoda, the international trade show for footwear and accessories held on 18 and 19 October in Elche, went beyond the best forecasts: over 4000 national and international professional visitors on the first day alone, which was then exceeded on the second day. This event, which brings together fashion and footwear, once again demonstrated its importance in the industry, despite the current challenges.

The director of the Spanish Association of Footwear Components (AEC), Álvaro Sánchez, praised the high turnout this edition attracted: “Despite the gloomy forecasts, we are pleased to announce that Futurmoda recorded a very substantial turnout. This shows how strong the sector is and the important role this event plays within it.” Futurmoda president José Antonio Ibarra is optimistic and points out that the second day’s numbers were even higher than the first: “People are working really well on the stands and we are sure that we will achieve the same contacts as the previous edition, despite falling demand in the sector. This is an indication of the resilience and adaptation of the footwear components industry.” AEC president Manolo Román took the opportunity to highlight the association’s 25th anniversary and the industry’s strength. “We have been through tough times but the industry has bounced back. At AEC we have supported all our businesses whilst remaining focused on growth and development.”

One of the key initiatives held at the trade show is ‘Futurmoda Green Planet’, which exhibited sustainable materials for footwear and accessories. This focus on sustainability reflects the growing concern for the environment across the fashion industry. The Foro de Expertos (Experts Forum) held specialised talks, which attracted a great deal of interest among visitors, offering a platform for exchanging knowledge and trends in the footwear and fashion world. In total, Futurmoda saw the participation of 190 exhibitors and 260 business from Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, China and Turkey. The event continues to consolidate as an essential meeting place for professionals and businesses operating in fashion and footwear around the world.

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