Talking about sustainability
with Lanificio dell’Olivo

The green work in progress

Lanificio dell’Olivo launched the Going Green program and signed up to the Detox protocol in 2016, long before sustainability was the hot topic it is today. Every yarn in its collection has at least one certification, to which Nativa has recently been added, a certification created to guarantee transparency and traceability in the supply of the best wool throughout the supply chain. With Nativa, Lanificio dell’Olivo demonstrates that it purchases only the highest quality wool, sourced from certified and traceable herds in South America.

Traceability is a key aspect in the supply chain and choosing which farmers to work with is crucial, as they determine the wellbeing of the animals and the land, and therefore the end product. The quality of the grazing environment has a significant impact on the wool’s properties, microns and fibre strength. With Nativa, every farmer commits to comply with protocols covering animal welfare, land management and industrial standards.

Still on the subject of sustainability, the company is drawing up its balance sheet and has added the 4s Planet pillar (in addition to 4s Chem, 4s People, 4s Materials and 4s Trace in which it has achieved Advanced level) to the 4sustainability® protocol. This pillar aims to measure environmental impact and sets out a conscious process of resource use through an initial analysis aimed at using less water and energy and cutting CO2 emissions during the production process. Lanificio dell’Olivo ended 2022 with record sales of 22 million Euro, and the first quarter of 2023 looks set to achieve good results despite the slowing market trend.

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