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If we think of executing a marketing strategy as being like driving a car full speed towards a given destination, we would not dream of sitting behind the wheel without being able to correct the steering when necessary. And yet, too many companies – and not just small and medium-sized ones – have only a vague idea of the importance of strategy, the real steering wheel for driving the launch of a product, designing a marketing campaign, or “simply” managing a Facebook page.

All too often, analysis of internal data and competitors or insights into current or potential customers seem to take a back seat to creating a constant stream of content. If this is true in general for many cultural and creative industries, it is especially so for fashion brands and supply chain companies, for whom the creative component is crucial to create the finished product, but whose ideas on who the product is targeting and how to reach them are often confused or stereotyped.

Created out of the demands of this historic moment, in which – often by necessity – big groups and small and medium enterprises have rediscovered the decisive role digital plays in developing (if not keeping afloat) their business, the Digital strategy and Content marketing for fashion course covers the objectives, target audience, resources, evaluation of results and all the variables involved in strategic planning. 

To act effectively and optimise resources, we cannot ignore a global vision of who we are, where we want to go, and with what means and partners we are setting out on the journey: to avoid ineffective marketing and communication, the company DNA must be leveraged with a clear idea of its positioning, value generated for customers, and the technological and human components of the industrial ecosystem in which it operates.

Aimed at those working in marketing and communication at Italian SMEs, brand owners wanting to improve their communication tools, and fashion freelancers looking to fine-tune their communication and marketing skills in order to be ready to handle the most competitive challenges, this course provides an understanding of the importance of adopting interconnected storytelling and communication strategies.


Adopt a strategic approach to fashion marketing and fashion communication

Develop an awareness of the fashion ecosystem between product, consumers and media

How to best package your message

How to improve the communication experience 

How to intercept potential new customers

How to understand customers’ buying decisions and motives


  • Part I

  • Uniqueness and market

  • Positioning

  • Business Model Canvas

  • Fashion Marketing Mix 

  • Content Strategy phases

  • Coordinated image and tone of voice

  • Emotive and core content

  • Part II 

  • The logic at the base of multichannel strategy

  • Multichannel customer journey

  • Target vs person

  • Funnel marketing 

  • The 5 phases of the customer lifecycle

  • From AIDA to Messy Middle 

  • Content Strategy: editorial plan

  • Real-time marketing 

  • Content curation


Roberto Braga


Roberto Braga

Roberto Braga is a content curator at Flipboard Italia. He has conducted research for and taught at the University of Bologna and the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, where he taught digital media for several years, and has covered fashion films as part of the Fashion Culture and Management degree course in Rimini. For over ten years, he has worked as a content strategy consultant and tutor for private and public sector organisations.

Nicolò Gallio


Nicolò Gallio

A marketing and communication tutor, trainer and consultant for cultural and creative industries, Nicolò Gallio collaborates with Italian and international brands and digital marketing agencies as a copywriter, analyst, social media manager, specialising in digital PR and media relations. He has handled projects ranging from film and entertainment to footwear, accessories and clothing.

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