Fashion Distribution System


How is the fashion supply chain changing to adapt to new competitive scenarios?

The fashion distribution system has undergone great change over the last twenty years due to the growth of online sales. Since the 2000s, we have seen the rise of digital multi-brand and multi-product platforms that have changed the way consumers buy fashion and raised the bar when it comes to the level of service offered to end consumers. Twenty years on, the fashion distribution system is now even more complex due to the emergence of new forms of digital commerce, such as social commerce, livestreaming commerce, and direct to consumer retail.

The most common mistake made is to think that the change is limited to the distribution of product to consumers. The Fashion Distribution System course has been put together to address this lack of understanding and clarity. In this course you will gain an understanding of how the complexities of delivering product apply to the entire supply chain, which must adapt and flex certain dynamics and models in order to meet new market demands. 

Aimed at those working in marketing and distribution at Italian SMEs, brand owners wanting to improve their distribution tools, and fashion freelancers looking to fine-tune their managerial skills in order to be ready to handle the most competitive challenges, this course explains how product delivery itself has become a physical touchpoint with the end customer: this means that it is curated down to the smallest detail as a content marketing tool.

The final objective, aside from company positioning, is to get to know the motives driving fashion businesses to work on designing a distribution system integrated with the brand’s communication strategy, including through social media, to offer a high level of service and increasingly fast time-to-market. 


Get to know the channels and formats for positioning and distribution strategies

Understand the difference between various distribution channels and the main players

Examine the 6 paradigms of distribution channels 

Choose the right strategy for your situation


  • Fashion flow 

  • Positioning pyramid

  • Value proposal and coverage levels

  • Distribution channels and main players

  • Fashion intermediaries

  • Retail and wholesale formats

  • Online format


Gaya Calabrò


Gaya Calabrò

Gaya Calabrò specialises in European public relations with a major in Marketing. She began her career working in Paris and Milan as a marketing and communication coordinator for a Canadian software house. Her shift to the fashion industry came when she became an eCommerce buyer for well-known Italian and international .com businesses. She later gained significant experience as an Online Manager at luxury companies in Italy and Switzerland. Today she is an eFashion and Buying Consultant, working with fashion and lifestyle businesses operating in Italy and China, working on the digital and omnichannel strategy for startup brands. She also teaches eFashion strategies and Buying Management at prestigious Italian and international fashion schools.

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