omnichannel retail management


Every brand has its own network of stores, its own e-commerce, its own app and/or an online presence. People tend to think this is enough to be omnichannel. But this approach is merely multichannel, which means that brands market their product to consumers through various channels and brick-and-mortar and online solutions to cover more of the market.

An omnichannel approach involves interconnecting all tangible and intangible locations and is about creating a customer-focused strategy. Focusing on the customer means working on service, planning and strategic design in order to enrich the experience of buying the product and contacting the brand. Whilst staying true to themselves and their unique value proposition, fashion brands will be able to communicate with customers strongly and effectively.

In the Omnichannel Retail Management course, you will explore strategies for “educating” customers about new technologies and tools that the brand chooses to adopt, especially if it is a brand operating in the luxury sector. Managing omnichannel retail means fully realising the potential of all brick-and-mortar and online touchpoints, through recognisable, consistent content and tone of voice in communications with consumers; it also means exerting systematic control over all the brand’s direct and indirect sales channels to avoid discrepancies in pricing or product presentation; finally, it means integrating all information in online and offline consumer interactions into a clear CRM strategy.

Aimed at those working in marketing and distribution at Italian SMEs, brand owners wanting to improve their sales tools, and fashion freelancers looking to fine-tune their managerial skills in order to be ready to handle the most competitive challenges, this course provides an understanding of the importance of adopting interconnected sales and communication strategies. 


From multichannel to omnichannel through interconnection

Redesign business models in light
of the omnichannel approach

Omnichannel customer journey management

Market-oriented and consumer-oriented
pricing policies

How to involve customers in social customer engagement strategies

How to manage logistics: solutions for optimising production time and costs

Returns management as an integral part of the buying process


  • Introduction to omnichannel retail

  • The 9 pillars of omnichannel strategy

  • Omnichannel strategies and best practice

  • Customer journey and omnichannel touchpoints

  • CRM funnel and main KPIs


Gaya Calabrò


Gaya Calabrò

Gaya Calabrò specialises in European public relations with a major in Marketing. She began her career working in Paris and Milan as a marketing and communication coordinator for a Canadian software house. Her shift to the fashion industry came when she became an eCommerce buyer for well-known Italian and international .com businesses. She later gained significant experience as an Online Manager at luxury companies in Italy and Switzerland. Today she is an eFashion and Buying Consultant, working with fashion and lifestyle businesses operating in Italy and China, working on the digital and omnichannel strategy for startup brands. She also teaches eFashion strategies and Buying Management at prestigious Italian and international fashion schools.

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