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Until a few years ago, many would turn their nose up at the idea of ‘sustainable fashion’ because it conjured images of drab, colourless clothing and accessories. But attitudes have largely flipped and eco-fashion is now a major part of fashion week schedules around the world

In this continuously expanding sector, driven by innovative designers, brands, businesses, insiders and events, institutions and governments are signing agreements and setting targets to ensure that the fashion industry finally changes course, lessening its extremely high impact on the environment.

The Superzoom course on the fundamentals of sustainability looks at this scenario and explores the need to provide businesses and brands with accessible pathways towards a sustainable future. Nowadays, ‘sustainable fashion’ not only means ethically-created and original, eye-catching designs; it also addresses a complex array of challenges in which everyone, from individual consumers to the CEOs of big luxury groups to heads of government, have responsibilities, whether that be to the products they buy and manufacture and the laws they implement. 

If everyone understood the labour that goes into stitching, dyeing and cutting every garment and accessory they wore, the enormous complexity of the fashion supply chain and the massive overproduction crammed into warehouses around the world, then talking about ‘sustainable fashion’ would carry more weight. And we would all place more value on terms like ‘recycle’, ‘reuse’, ‘second hand’, ‘vintage’, but also ‘fair trade’, ‘security’, ‘protection’, ‘respect’, ‘innovation’, and ‘research’. Because sustainable fashion is all this and much more.

Aimed at those working in creativity, marketing and communication at Italian SMEs, brand owners wanting to implement real change, and fashion freelancers looking to fine-tune their knowledge of communication and marketing in order to be ready to tackle the most competitive challenges, the course teaches you to better understand the values young and modern customers are interested in and on which they make their purchasing decisions. Making these changes brings enormous advantages for businesses, as well as responsibilities.


Provide the basics of ethical fashion

Understand regulatory and social benchmarks

Explore the most common issues and look at accessible solutions

Gain an understanding of sustainable fibres and the biggest innovations in the textile sector

The guarantee of certification: how to find out about them and highlight them


  • Social sustainability

  • Environmental sustainability 

  • Economic sustainability

  • Guidance or laws?

  • Overview of natural, artificial, manmade and synthetic fibres

  • Innovative fibres

  • Certifications


Barbara Chiodi


Barbara Chiodi

Barbara Chiodi was born and raised in the Valtellina valley in Lombardy and is now based in Macerata in the Marche region. A freelance journalist with almost twenty years’ experience in fashion, she writes an eco-fashion blog which she hopes will help establish and raise awareness around ethical fashion, including tips on how to produce and buy fashion more consciously and responsibly. Last but not least, she is an animal rights activist.

Superzoom Academy courses teach you how to best tackle the future of business. Put together by fashion scholars and insiders with over twenty years’ experience at top Italian textile/clothing companies, Superzoom is the Academy for your future-proof training.


70 + vat

2 hours

The course is taught in Italian
on the Superzoom Academy

e-learning platform.


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